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Album Review: New INCITE Was “Built To Destroy” Your Neighbors

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Aggressive, guttural, and extreme metal was something that took me time to get into. With bands like Kiss, Black Sabbath, Metallica, and the likes being where I first grabbed onto the lifeblood of rock and metal it made getting into the extreme branch difficult. But there are bands on the extreme side where the guttural vocals are understandable and melodies exist that grab my attention and Incite is one of those bands that I’m now adding to my library after a full dive into their new album Built To Destroy.

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Releases January 25th 2019

This album hits you with the full onslaught of intensity with the opening track, which also happens to be the title track. A slow increase of the guitar warming before the rest kick in and get right into your face. Close your eyes and it’s like for front row with Richie Cavalera in your face with the first song of a long headline set. The lyrics completely audible without straining but while carrying the passion and intensity they hold to him when written.

I found myself really getting into the rhythms behind each song from the drums. Usually the drummer is the last to jump out at me on albums and all too often they become the forgotten member unless there’s something exceptional about them. This especially becomes more so in extreme metal where the drummers are just the engine pounding away without any intention beyond the level of speed needed. However on Built To Destroy Lennon Lopez isn’t highly noticeable and goes with the grooves of each song. Lopez isn’t just the engine powering but an equal part of the machine. Toss on “Resistance” and it’s right there as plain as day as the drums, guitar, and vocals work together in the same tempo before splitting apart for the chorus only to reunite again after like the metal equivalent of the Blue Angels.

The unity of the band just continues on as you progress through this bulldozer of an album and I can easily see “Confronting Darkness” becoming another single for the band or a fan favorite. We all encounter a path of darkness in our lives and Richie Cavalera has put into words the intensity we all feel when we come to those points and the song is a definitive reminder to push through it. The guitar solo towards the end and as the song fades out by Dru Rome feeling like the proverbial light at the end of the darkness to lead you through.

Which brings up of course the solos all throughout the album from Dru Rome. To pick just one out from the album (aside from the one mentioned above) would be like trying to pick the perfect gold coin out of Scrooge McDuck’s money bin. Practically impossible because each one shines on the album while fitting in perfectly to the song they’re featured on. After all there’s nothing worse than a great guitar solo on a song where it doesn’t belong and thankfully that doesn’t happen here.

My actual only gripe with Incite with this album is the way it ends. Built To Destroy starts of smoothly and has to going along at a great pace all throughout. But when “Savior Self” ends it ends like your hitting a brick wall after doing 75MPH on the highway. There’s no fade out, growl out, or any kind of warning. It’s just “BOOM” the album is over. Shockingly so that I checked my headphone connection and display to see nothing died or broke, just that the album ended.

Aside from that I know have a new aggressive side band to add to my never ending library of rock and metal with Incite. Am I late to the party for them? Sure but Built To Destroy feels like the right introduction with the grooves, passion, and intensity this album brings from beginning to end.

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