An Open Letter To ESPN New York And The Michael Kay Show

If you’re a long time follower of me and what I do then you know I’m not usually one to write on long pieces on anyone I dislike or even anything I dislike. I try to see the best and try to give everyone a fair chance. But staying quiet is not something I can do anymore. 

I began listening to The Michael Kay Show on 98.7 ESPN here in New York about two years ago after my afternoon television guilty pleasure schedule got changed. My interest in sports besides hockey (though hockey is number one) had grown and I figured why not. Plus both Don La Greca and Michael Kay had garnered a ton of respect from me for their honesty while doing sports radio. Something tough to do in any media form. So I tuned in but was instantly put off by Peter Rosenberg and his lack of input to the show. But I wanted to give him a chance. 

Well here it is two years later and not only am I put off by Peter Rosenberg but I’m convinced he’s just in it for his own gain and exposure. Who takes a job that has definitive hours but comes into work an hour late daily or calls in from home? Peter Rosenberg, that’s who. He convinced someone that because he had to do a wrestling podcast after he finished at Hot 97’s morning show that it’s ok to not do a full show. Not only is that lack of commitment to ESPN but also disrespectful to all of The Michael Kay Show staff and especially to Don La Greca and Michael Kay. Between not coming in for the entire show and the amount of time he’s called in from somewhere I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been out more than in studio. 

Plus speaking of Peter‘s wrestling podcast, he wedged it in so often that it’s no surprise WWE eventually heard. The only time he got genuinely excited and involved in a guest was when Shane McMahon called in. Anything else he shows zero interest in or points out how much he’s not a fan of that guest or their team. In addition that that he makes no contribution to anything but football and occasionally basketball. Should Peter by now have made an attempt to learn hockey and baseball to be part of discussions more. 

Furthermore, Peter Rosenberg is supposed to bring in the younger crowd and close the generation gap yet he knows minimal pop culture before 2010 and doesn’t know 90s or 80s references that individuals younger then him know. I’m the same age as him and know more references from before my birth than he knows from our joint 37-years of life. And don’t even start me on how he refuses to dress appropriately when asked. I prefer a t-shirt and jeans but dress appropriate when asked. 

So where am I going with this you ask? Well it’s simple. I want an audition shot with Michael Kay & Don La Greca to prove how much Peter Rosenberg doesn’t truly fit. A chance to prove that someone of the younger demographic CAN show up to do the whole 3-7pm show. A chance to prove that while baseball and basketball aren’t my strong points that I can and am willing to learn in order to contribute to the conversation. A chance to prove that the younger generation can identify with the older generation with pop culture references from before my time. 

Plus there’s nothing to lose from giving me the audition opportunity. Allow me to show you the scenarios. 

Scenario one: I fit in with Michael and Don and maybe even with Peter resulting in The Michael Show having a “Four Horseman” (after Peter shows up) of drive time and making the show and station the first to have a disabled on air member. This leads to bringing in not just younger listeners but also disabled. 

Scenario two: I fit in with Michael and Don, bringing the aforementioned disability factor in, and when Peter leaves for WWE (or another outlet) by years end there’s no gap in a host loss because I’d already be there. 

Scenario three: I get along with everyone but not enough to be brought on full time BUT the show and station gave a disabled individual a chance to prove his argument and gains ratings, respect, and more fans from the opportunity. 

There’s no bad side to it ESPN New York and The Michael Kay Show. 

With that I feel I’ve made my case and hope you reach out for that audition opportunity as an audition would be both an honor and dream for this disabled rocker. 


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