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DEFY THE TYRANT Release Official Lyric Video for “VOICES”

Defy the Tyrant is: Curt (Vocals), Slim (Bass), Stu(Lead Guitar), Dilly(Drums), Ian(Guitar)

Tallahassee, FL based Alternative Metal Band DEFY THE TYRANT has released the lyric video for their single, “VOICES.”

“’Voices’ is one of the first songs we wrote with Curt (lead Singer) and it is Banging! We knew he had the pipes, but we didn’t realize the type of lyrics he was capable of. He blew us away! When people read the lyrics for the verses and the chorus, they will be able to get a good grasp on the mind Curt has. He has a completely fresh take on an age old issue. The idea of this constant secondary person that we all have inside us, this Id that we all deal with, its amazing how he put those ideas to song.” says Defy the Tyrant.

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