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Album Review: DON JAMIESON’s Latest Will Have You In Stitches

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It feels like forever since we last watched Don Jamieson bust Eddie Trunk‘s balls on That Metal Show. Our weekly dose of metal and comedy was something we became accustomed to. But worry no more metalheads because you’ll withdrawal of metal and comedy can end as Don has released a new comedy album entitled Communication Breakdown via Metal Blade Records.

Now first I must let everyone know I was safe when I first listened to the new album. I made sure not to be eating when listening to it so not to choke like I did when I first listened to Don‘s previous album Hell Bent For Laughter. And it’s a good thing I did because Communication Breakdown is just as funny.

This time around Don adds some story telling into his routine, which he explains in our latest chat, and it adds another level to his unique mix of comedy and metal. It adds the ability to identify with the story. The best example for me is “Kiefer”. A story of a meeting Don had with Kiefer Sutherland where Kiefer was so drunk he could barely be understood. This scenario is all to familiar to me on a personal level not because I get that drunk (not often at least) but because my disability makes it hard for me to be heard and understood at concerts because I can’t speak loud enough over music in venues. But yet even I’m more understandable in a venue than a drunken Kiefer so beat that Steven Hawking.

There’s also a great bit on the album called “Rockers Aren’t P.C.” which has an unintentional statement that truthfully rings true. We are in a day and time where everyone is so worried about offending someone that the world has become overly politically correct. But not rockers and metalheads. As Don says in this bit “we don’t call Black Sabbath African American Sabbath” and others which is true. It’s also true that rockers and metalheads don’t care about differences like other genres of music do. Go to any rock and metal show and you’ll see people from every age range, financial bracket, ethnicity, religion, and so on standing side by side raising the horns.

Communication Breakdown wraps up with the story of how Don, Eddie, and Jim went full fanboy trying to meet Johnny Depp. A story many can identify with because we all have at least one person we’d do anything to meet. I won’t give away details but it’s a hysterical story and shows you that everyone is a fanboy at some point.

Great bands grow and add new things over time that make the overall experience better. Don Jamieson is just like many of those great bands. The stories added to Communication Breakdown now makes Don funnier and not just a metal guys comedian because those stories ring true in all genres and lifestyles.

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