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GUARDIAN OF LIGHTNING Announce “Cosmos Tree”

The band’s unique sound known as “thunder metal” is a fresh take on the metal genre.

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Credit: Juliano Mazieri

Eclipse Records is thrilled to announce the signing of thunder-metal pioneers Guardian of Lightning to an exclusive, worldwide deal. The band’s unique sound known as “thunder metal” is a fresh take on the metal genre, replacing the typical lead guitar role with that of an ultra-heavy thundering electric bass. The Brazilian band recently completed their debut LP Cosmos Tree with producers Caio Ribeiro (Sepultura, A-Ha, Ian Paice) and Eurico Tavares at Stage Record. The album will be released worldwide on July 17, 2020 via Eclipse Records.

“I’m very excited for having signed with Eclipse Records and honored to receive this golden opportunity to spread the thunder metal throughout the world” states lead bassist Iron King. Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Marco Fino continues “Being a part of a record label such as Eclipse Records is the realization and materialization of a great dream that I’ve been nurturing for over 30 years. This is proof to anyone who never gives up on a great dream called rock-n-roll!” Drummer Lord Drum adds “I want to thank everyone who has believed in us, and also to God for the strength, competence, and wisdom to continue on the road ahead.”

Guardian of Lightning is the herald of a new wave of metal, known as “thunder metal”. Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil the three-piece band featuring lead bassist Iron King, his father Marco Fino on vocals and rhythm guitar, and Lord Drum on the drums. The band’s unique sound known as “thunder metal” is a fresh take on the metal genre, replacing the typical lead guitar role with that of an ultra-heavy thundering electric bass.

Lead bassist Iron (yes that is his real name) grew up surrounded by music. His father Marco was always in one band or another performing and touring throughout the Brazilian music scene, so he quickly became accustomed to the music lifestyle of going to loud concerts, watching his father on stage, and it wasn’t long before he started picking up the bass guitar writing his own songs, and following in the footsteps of bass legends such as Cliff Burton, Joey DeMaio, and Lemmy Kilmeister.

Guardian of Lightning was formed in 2017 and the band quickly began rehearsing the songs Iron was writing for the band, exploring new possibilities and sounds. After a gig at a local rock club, the band was approached by the great Brazilian rock producer Caio Ribeiro (Sepultura, A-Ha, Ian Paice). Interested in the potential the band had with a lead bassist, Caio had the band into his studio Stage Record to record a two-song demo. The reception was overwhelmingly positive, and the band decided to write more material before heading back to Stage Record with Caio to complete their debut album.

In 2018 the band found out that their producer and close friend Caio Ribeiro was diagnosed with cancer, and the disease progressed quickly. While on his deathbed, he told Iron that the band would go on to create a great album which the world would one day hear. Caio passed away shortly thereafter, and the band took some time to mourn the loss of their dead friend and reflect on what the future held for Guardian of Lightning. Towards the end of 2018, the band were contacted by producer Eurico Tavares. Eurico had assisted Caio with producing the first Guardian of Lightning demo and told the band that he had found the presets for the two previous songs which Caio recorded, which meant that they could be used alongside the new material.

In 2019, the band re-entered Stage Record with their new producer Eurico Tavares to finish their debut full-length album, Cosmos Tree. During the sessions, it was possible to feel the presence of Caio Ribeiro in the studio with them. The positivity and good vibrations were very emotional for the band, and after twelve solid days the result was eight thundering metal tracks unlike anything ever heard by mortal ears before. Cosmos Tree is currently planned for a worldwide release via Eclipse Records in the Summer of 2020.

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