Life Is A Long Road And I’m Not Done


It’s been a long time since both myself and website went completely quiet for days and recently that happened quite unexpectedly. Rather than figure out an abridged status on social media I’ve decided to use my website and open up to you all because this last bit of inactivity requires a personal touch. 

As a child I got sick regularly with pneumonia. It was just par for the course for someone with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. But as I got older, and PapaTurbo quit smoking, pneumonia stopped and illness became as rare as anyone else. Sure I was very sick at the age of eighteen where I almost booked out and a few recent bouts with pneumonia came but they were far and few in between. Plus we knew how to treat it. 

This time things were very different. No warning, no notions, it just happened and rather quickly. 

February 14th 2019 was a typical Thursday. I got up, had lunch, and got The Asylum ready for air on Bullspike Radio that night. Once that was done I had what had become my usual late night dinner which I had decided to enjoy some lobster bisque. After a few pulls (I drink my soups through a straw) I didn’t feel right. Felt a pit in my stomach that I thought was gas and/or bad bisque. So I immediately ditched it and grabbed a Mountain Dew to hopefully get the gas to pass while keeping my sugars and liquids at a good level. Unfortunately this didn’t help and I ended up needing to lay down. 

Before I knew it (my apologies for being so graphic) I became very ill quickly with vomiting and diarrhea. Thankfully the diarrhea was brief but the vomiting was. And thankfully MamaTurbo was ready and the suction machine was able to assist in keeping what came up from going back down. It showed almost no signs of slowing and I was dehydrating quickly. By 5:30am on February 15th 2019 I was in the Emergency Room of NYU Langone with an unknown. 

For the first time since I can remember I was laying in an ER concerned because I didn’t know what was going on. It wasn’t the old faithful pneumonia or breathing issues that have become by kryptonite over the years. I had no clue what was wrong or what would be. I did my best to relax as tests were run and IV fluids were set up. I was sent for a CAT Scan where it was discovered that I had a blockage. To put it bluntly and somewhat comically rockers – I was full of shit! The key now was getting it to pass. I have a slow metabolism as is and digestive issues are a concern for individuals with Spinal Muscular Atrophy so getting it to pass wasn’t going to be easy. 

I was admitted after a few attempts to get it to pass in the ER failed and put on a liquid diet with medication to hopefully get things flowing. This of course left my time to think about everything including the last resort of surgery which would’ve drastically changed my entire life. I wondered if this was maybe a sign that I should stop and just slow down. 

Between pushing from MamaTurbo who stayed with me because PapaTurbo had to stay home with my brother Jay Scorpion with his nurses, more support than I could’ve imagined from family/friends/supporters/fans, and a small but yet powerful voice in the back of my head yelling at me that I haven’t busted my cripple ass all these years to be stopped by shit – figuratively and literally – that I dug deep and forced myself to be uncomfortable and get as much in me within my threshold to get things to pass. 

After 5 days I never felt so much relief as the blockage finally passed and not just once but twice. Even the nurses on the floor were thrilled because they knew it was the only thing keeping me there. 

Now for my future. 5 days of laying around has done its damage. With my disability it’s tough to rebuild muscle loss and often when it’s gone it’s gone. But I’m getting back. 

Whatever I need help with – eating, drinking, etc – it will be. My website and The Asylum will be rocking again as soon as I’m ready and I’m going to try to write while I’m on the mend. 

I WILL NOT STOP! I’m determined more than ever to still be the first disabled voice of rock and metal. I’m still determined to be hired by SiriusXM to be their first disabled rock and metal DJ. Or be someone’s first disabled on air radio or even television talent if that route shall come. I’M GOING ON!

Turn up the volume because from here on my mottos are “Rock Your Disability” and “Live Life Loud!” and your either with me or you’re not. 

Much love and respect to all


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