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Marvel Collector Corps April 2016 – Captain America: Civil War Theme Review

As I’m taking today to catch up on writing and reviews it’s time to go a bit deeper into the latest from Marvel Collector Corps. For those who aren’t familiar with this subscription service, this one is a joint effort from Marvel and Funko and is a bimonthly subscription. Every other month is a different theme and runs $25 before shipping and taxes (approximately $32 total US) with a guaranteed value of $50 in each one. I’ve been a subscriber for a full year and must admit they’ve rarely missed on the theme. The April them of course coincides with the movie Captain America: Civil War so let’s get into the latest from them (check out my unboxing video here).

Every Marvel Collector Corps comes with a patch and pin to go along with the theme. It’s a different take on the subscription collectibles and as a result I have a vest that contains many of them. Since the Captain America: Civil War movie introduces Black Panther to the movie universe I totally dig these two items. More so since Black Panther is being reintroduced in the comic universe as well. Both are unique designs and fit well with the theme and anyone’s comic collection. Approximate value $15

This shirt is definitely a nice way of depicting the the theme Captain America: Civil War without going overboard and filling the shirt with characters and crazy backgrounds. The color choice of only fully colorizing Iron Man and Captain America grabs your eye instantly and is easily identifiable for anyone. Plus by show both sides there’s no discretion of where your loyalty might lie. The Funko drawing is still something I’m getting used to on shirts as its more childlike than for adults but if you’re a comic book fan the truth is you’re not 100% an adult. Approximate value $15

If you’ve ever attended a convention of any kind or get other subscription boxes then you have more lanyards than you know what to do with. This item is self explanatory and simple. Though credit Marvel Collector Corps for including it as an item to put your pins on since they’re now at 6 pins total for those of us who have subscribed through the whole first year. Approximate value $5

I swore I’d never collect Dorbz and only collect Funko Pops that come in subscription boxes but let’s face it, that’s easier said then done. While the Dorbz are the “cute” version of Funko Pops (and smaller) the truth is they’ve grown on me. And this variant with the face mask up showing Tony Stark‘s grinning face seems fitting. After all we all know he’s always thinking something sarcastic behind that mask and the smirk just proves it. This little guy will go next to my others, and out of his box because the Dorbz boxes take up more room than the actual figures do. Approximate value $10

I’m blown away by this duo pack Funko Pop as I didn’t expect more than one this theme. I figured they’d give variants where some got Captain America and others got Iron Man. But I’m also completely amazed that it’s an action scene. I’ve seen these duo packs before they’re usually just the two figures side by side facing forward. This has a turned Captain America in battle defense mode and Iron Man on the offensive in mid air. This is definitely one of the best exclusive variants I’ve gotten and seen since I began collecting them. Approximate value $30

Last up is a variant cover art of Black Panther Issue #1. I haven’t read it yet as my comic book funds are on hold and I don’t want to read the first issue until I can invest money into at least the first 5 issues so I have the beginnings of the story. But the artwork design is unique and although I haven’t seen Captain America: Civil War I have seen enough in trailers to know this is right in line with the movie. Approximate value $10

While many are deciding whose team they’re one it’s safe to say Marvel Collector Corps delivered a nice nuetral delivery for Captain America: Civil War and delivered with an overal value of $70 and items that are as worthy in quality as well. June’s theme is being teased as Woman of Power and with Marvel there’s a lot of powerful woman to speculate who might be included in it.

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