• ZP Theart and his new band, I AM I, have released the first track from their forthcoming debut album ‘Event Horizon’

    The track is called ‘This Is My Life‘ and is available to listen to in full right now on the band’s official website by clicking here. The band will be fully unveiled on Sunday May 27th at Birmingham’s O2 Academy 2 ...
  • KILLCODE Is The Second Inductee to the Bullspike Hall Of Fame

    Very glad to announce that the first band to be inducted into the Bullspike Hall Of Fame is KILLCODE.They guys of KILLCODE have been representing the New York rock and metal scene in a major way since debuting in 2009.  Their first EP “To Die For” was so solid that everyone thought they had been ...
  • Turbo Gets A Little Kink-E

    In my continuing effort to be a voice for the rock and metal community I know can add writing into by arsenal.  I’ve been promising you all I’d do more writing about the music we all love and an opportunity has arrived to push me to write more often. My friend Marabelle Blue is expanding her ...
  • New Music From California Rockers SNEW

    This is brand new music from SNEW, this song is called “Pull My Stinger” and will be on their next album called “What’s It To Ya” do out later this year.
  • A Rally Cry For The Crusher

    Everyone thinks that the rock and metal community doesn’t care about anyone or each other.  Truth is we are the most caring group of people you could ever meet and it’s time to rally together for one of our own.  Jessica “The Crusher” Pimentel, singer for New York’s thrash metal band Alekhine’s Gun, has come ...
  • My Official YouTube Channel Is Up

    As I begin to book people for interviews on THE ASYLUM on Bullspike Radio I realize that some people don’t always have time to listen to a 3-hour podcast to hear a specific interview. So after thinking about ways to make the interviews available it hit me to just make my own YouTube channel. Starting ...

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