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Not-So Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 Cast Announced

With winter here and football ending the networks flounder to fill time, especially CBS. Last winter we got introduced to Celebrity Big Brother, the spin off of the hit summer blockbuster Big Brother. The first season wasn’t as star studded as everyone had hoped and with TWO selfish self evictions I didn’t think CBS would try again but they are and the list of houseguests has just gotten my way after a few busy days.

First let’s list the so called celebrity houseguests:

  • Ryan Lochte (Olympic Athlete)
  • Kandi Burress (Real Housewives Of Atlanta)
  • Kato Kaelin
  • Lolo Jones (Olympic Athlete)
  • Joey Lawrence (Blossom, Melissa & Joey)
  • Natalie Eva Marie (Former WWE Superstar)
  • Ricky Williams (NFL)
  • Dina Lohan
  • Anthony Scaramucci
  • Tamar Braxton (Braxton Family Values)
  • Jonathan Bennet (Mean Girls)
  • Tom Green

Now yes I know no celebrity reality TV show gets A-List names, but most of these are barely D-List if that because quite a few just don’t even qualify as celebrity. 

Athletes always find their ways to reality shows, especially when their careers are over or in between when their sport is being played. However Olympic athletes are a different group because once the Olympics are over the disappear faster than a cockroach does when you turn on a light. Doesn’t matter how many medals Ryan Lochte has or that Lolo Jones has competed in both summer and Winter Olympics when you’re average everyday person wouldn’t even guess who they are let alone actually know. 

Which brings me to Kato Kaelin – why is he even here? Seriously! Even during the whole OJ Simpson trial he was barely noticed. Comedians even joked back then when he HAPPENED to get interviewed by some random news channel that it was him just TRYING to be famous. He wasn’t a celebrity then and surely isn’t now. 

As to Anthony Scaramucci, he is obviously a ratings move by CBS in the “everyone hates Trump” society we now live in. CBS is definitely hoping this former White House employee dishes more dirt the Omarosa did last year. 

As for the rest, Natalie Eva Marie isn’t even considered a former WWE superstar by WWE fans and don’t look for highlights featuring her because none exist. Tamar Braxton and Dina Lohan are nobodies cashing on on famous family members and nothing more. If you watch Food Network’s Cake Wars and Halloween Wars (I’m guilty but enjoy them) you’ll know Jonathan Bennett. Kandi Burress is likely your “drunk Housewives” houseguest while Tom Green’s biggest claim to fame is this low intelligence hit from his MTV days:

The ONLY celebrity is actually Joey Lawrence who everyone knows best for saying “Whoa!” on the hit TV show Blossom and more recently starring opposite Melissa Joan Hart in the ABC Family hit series Melissa & Joey. He is the only REAL celebrity that thanks to two hit shows will bring in a large part of the viewing audience, just as long as he’s not evicted first. 

Will I watch Celebrity Big Brother season two? Absolutely because I’m hooked on it but that’s why I’m watching. With only one legit celebrity the only thing that’ll keep me watching is my addiction to the whole Big Brother idea and how they manipulate editing for CBS for ratings and forced storylines when compared to what actually happens during Big Brother After Dark and non-network time. 

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