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REVIEW: SNEW Returns To Check Your Nerve

There’s few bands still going today that were just making waves in the industry when I got started in the music industry back in the mid 2000s. Many have sadly gone away because they just couldn’t break through. But a few are still going, SNEW of course being one. But not without a little fear as they had been very quiet since their 2012 release What’s It To Ya. Then just as I was ready to say they must’ve called it quits I get an email from Curtis Don Vito, the bands singer, with the song “UR Freaking Me Out” with the promise that they’re still kicking.

Well kickin is right, so is rockin as their new album You’ve Got Some Nerve picks up as if little time has passed in between. Plus I laugh a bit at the albums title as if it’s a dig to me or those like me who thought SNEW was done. We definitely had some nerve but the guys prove us wrong because the opening track, which is what I first received to tempt me, kicks off with guitars, horns, and Curtis saying “You can’t stop me.” The song is “UR Freaking Me Out” is a pure hard rocking, toe tapping, and turn it up type of song. Especially with the horns. Yes, horns! As in musical type not the hand gesture us rocker and metal heads use. It’s a unique twist that truly fits in and cause the song to get stuck in your head.

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The guys even get a bit heavier on “Acetylene Queen” as it’s got deeper guitar tones the usual. Gives it a slightly dark vibe which fits because it feels like a song you toss on to go on a drive with the windows down. And while it could be my recent addiction with NASCAR this summer but I could see it used FOR NASCAR like a theme song. The grooves set forth by Andy Lux and Lenny Spickle just drive the song along like you’re cruising down the highway at 70 miles an hour with the top down and stereo blasting on an early summer day.

Then you’ve got the complete opposite with “Revolution Is A Closed Loop”. This one is slow, bluesy, and just has that natural sway to it. I found myself just naturally starting to sway my body from side to side at first hearing. I could close my eyes and see a room full of people just going along with the groove. Then when the harmonica comes in you’re blasted back to the 1970s when rock and metal was king of the radio.

This just goes to show you that you can’t count a band out until they say they’re out. You’ve Got Some Nerve has something that hit every rock or metal fans ears while proving that it a six year gap in albums didn’t stop SNEW one bit.
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