• “The Emoji Movie” Is Meh

    I literally thought all the dumb idea movies had been made until I saw the teasers for The Emoji Movie. My initial reaction was “really? This is what we’ve come to”. And since the price of a movie has gotten ridiculously high I wait until movies hit Netflix or cable nowadays to watch, unless it’s ...
  • RAW 25 Was All Hype And No Finishing Move

    Twenty five years ago a this 12-year old wrestling and music fan had the beg his parents to stay up late to watch WWE (than WWF) make it’s late night debut with Monday Night Raw, what would become a weekly live wrestling bonanza that we all talked about in home room the next morning. As ...
  • Turbo’s Must Have Albums List of 2017

    Well it’s the time of year where every online magazine, radio station, personality, and so on do their “Top Insert Number Here” list pitting albums against each other and assigning values to create controversy or get clicks. But not yours truly. I look back on the year and see what albums came out that I ...
  • BUTCHER BABIES Show Growth With “Lilith”

    Honestly I wasn’t a fan of Butcher Babies right away. I figured with how quickly they rose from obscurity to the national level that there had to be something gimmicky about them. But my gut kept telling me I was off and I became a fan prior to their last studio album Take It Like ...
  • ACCEPT Continue To Rock With “The Rise Of Chaos”

    Despite what bands say in interviews the truth is they want every album to be equally as good as the one before it and the one after it. Unfortunately perfection is only a dream but consistency is very achievable. But even that is difficult for many bands throughout their careers. Though that is not the ...
  • Pyn Doll of Barb Wire Dolls Interview – June 22nd 2017

    This week on THE ASYLUM on we were joined by phone from the road Pyn Doll of Barb Wire Dolls to talk about some recent goings on with the band and their new album Rub My Mind. Buy Rub My Mind by Barb Wire Dolls on Amazon or iTunes. Here’s the chat:

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