• Phoenix Reign Flies High

    When I first got into the rock and metal scene women were thought of as objects for the guys to drool over as they watched videos of their favorite bands. As I began my quest for great rock and metal I was awakened to the fact the woman can rock out just as ...
  • Plenty to Admire About ODD ZERO

    With the current rock and metal scene going in so many different directions these days it’s harder to come across bands that stand out. ODD ZERO is without a doubt a stand out band. Their influences, ranging from The Clash to Metallica, show on their EP Admire The Liar from start to finish. From ...
  • Chinese Democracy Has Arrived

    Yes, you’re reading correct. Guns N Roses has finally released the long awaited album Chinese Democracy. It is true that the band physically isn’t the GNR that many of us came to know and love over the years, but the album picks up just where they left off 14-years ago. The first thing that ...
  • Watch Out Cause KILLCODE Is Loose

    Being a fan and promoter of rock and metal I’m always looking for bands that can grab me on the first listen. With some bands of recognition are releasing new material that requires more than one listen and newer bands requiring multiple listens just to get a feel for their style, that first grab ...

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