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SNEW Teases New Album For 2018

The world of rock and metal is a crazy one. Bands come and bands go. One night back when That Metal Show was still in it’s infancy and I was just a fledgling member of the music scene I saw a commercial for the band SNEW. I then hunted them down on MySpace (yes that long ago) and got a copy of their album for review and AirPlay.

Over the years I became friends with the band and was one of the individuals involved in their only New York Area show (which was recorded and hasn’t been heard in years).

Two years ago SNEW released a single called The Juice Of Power and then nothing. I had thought they were done. Even though frontman Curtis Don Vito told me in many of our marathon phone conversations talking music and more that the band wasn’t done, I was still skeptical.

Well I’m skeptical no more. Check out this video teasing a new album from SNEW:

That says it all. I’m excited as I know many others will be too as in 2018 a new SNEW album is coming.

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