Speed Bumps Come But They Can’t Stop You

Well rockers, I’ve been out of commission so to speak for a little over a week and I’m finally feeling more like my usual rockin and rollin self. It’s the second time this year that something health related slowed me down, and it’s been years since I had multiple slow downs in a year.

I’m not going into detail what happened because honestly I’m not really sure what exactly it was. All I know is it started the morning before Iron Maiden at Barclays and while it eased to attend the show it then needed a lot of rest. When I signed off from social media a week ago I literally did nothing but relax during that time. A ton of TV and games on my iPhone but primarily relaxing.

So now what? A ton of things to catch up on. There’s so much news and music in my email that I’m just going to pick and post as much as I can. Also I’ll be pushing and preparing for Rock Against Dystrophy’s 10 Year Anniversary benefit coming up next month. Lastly my radio show The Asylum will be back as new next week once I can catch up on what’s in my email.

These little speed bumps come up in life and we just have to fight through to get over them. That’s what I’ve done my whole life and will continue to do.

Remember to #LiveLifeLoud and #RockYourDisability.


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