TENGGER CAVALRY’s Nature G Let’s Loose Some Truth

At the end of November it was announced that Tengger Cavalry had signed a new deal with Napalm Records with a new album entitled Cian Bi set for release on February 23rd of 2018.

But not long after the announcement Nature G informed the world that their previous label was claiming the contract wasn’t fulfilled and threatened action.

Today Nature G explains via Tengger Cavalry‘s Facebook page the entire situation, his recent suicide attempt, and racism issues within the industry. View the video in full below. (EDIT: The video has been removed from Facebook as of 12/26/17)

Time to clarify everything

Posted by Tengger Cavalry on Monday, December 25, 2017

As of right now Cian Bi is still set for its release date.


  1. But it wasn’t fulfilled … they tried to re-release an old album that has already been all over the internet way before signing M-theory , they thought it would be fulfill their agreement but repackaging an old product.

  2. Dear all members of Tengger Cavalry. What you get through is very hard to hear, and I can’t even imagine how it was to suffer. It’s a wonderful luck Nature G was rescued by policemen, and he is brave to talk about it. Racism can’t be tolerated. There is no such thing as “race” , the concept is totally obsolete in biology, and in my native language, French, using the world race can only mean that you know nothing about biology, or that you’re a f***ing racist if you’re speaking about human. We are all humans, from the same planet. But racism is a lack of humanity, a result of fear and ignorance. Diversity is what makes humanity strong, and different cultures mean more to learn and to share.

    It’s just words, poorly written, but please thrust in my support and the support of your numerous fans, your band is great, your music is awesome, and we are a lot wanting you artists to have a nice contract and be able to focus on your art, and don’t suffer inhuman scums again.
    Live, live and play your music, show this guy you’re waaaayyy stronger than him, that you’re above the crappy swamp of racists, and spread your music across the world, I hope to see you live soon !

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