THE ASYLUM 06-04-2020

Here’s what was played this week on THE ASYLUM.

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Here’s what was played this week on THE ASYLUM (click here for podcast):

Come Together by The Beatles
United by Judas Priest
In Union We Stand by Overkill
I Want Action by Poison
Photograph by Def Leppard
Piece Of Your Action by Mötley Crüe
Fields of Blood by Grave Digger
Pacific Blues by Lucifer
Divinyls by The Night Flight Orchestra
Open Up Your Eyes by Follow the Awakened
A Futile Crusade by Maelstrom
The End by Blacktop Mojo
The Madness by Art Of Anarchy
Further Down Again by Scarlet Carson
City Of Sixes by Voodoo Terror Tribe
Taking Over by Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh
Judgement (& Punishment) by Jinjer
Chomp Chomp by Alestorm
Highway to Oblivion by DragonForce
Path of Glory by Power Theory
LED ZOMBIE by Gotham
Dream On by New Messiah featuring Deibys Artigas
Constant Craving by Her Chariot Awaits
I’m Not Right by Tetrarch
Breathe by Imonolith
Inside Out by Five Finger Death Punch
Freak Flag by Granny 4 Barrel
Entertain You by Within Temptation
Meltdown by Love And Death
Master Of Puppets [Live] by Metallica

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