THE ASYLUM 10-08-2020 Playlist

Here’s what was played this week on THE ASYLUM.

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Here’s what was played this week on THE ASYLUM:

Runnin’ With The Devil by Van Halen
Cabo Wabo by Van Halen
Humans Being by Van Halen
Respect the Wind by Alex Van Halen & Edward Van Halen
Came Down To Say Hi by Jax Diaries Featuring D.D. Lacuna
Delirium by Lacuna Coil
Overdose by September Mourning
Archangel by Amaranthe
Overconfidence by Tallah
The Undertaker by Accept
Along Came The Devil by Primal Fear
Dance with the Devil by Sorcerer
Leather Demon by Lucifer
Kiss My Past Goodbye by Blues Pills
S.O.S. by Dead By Wednesday
Means To An End by Sepultura
Kai Tangata by Alien Weaponry
If I Ever Lose My Faith in You by Disturbed
Eye Of The Tiger by Gotthard
Hear Me Cry by Raven Black
Freak Flag by Granny 4 Barrel
Teenage Nosferatu Pussy by Rob Zombie
War Pigs [Live] by Black Sabbath
Naked In The Rain [Live] by Dio
Child In Time [Live] by Deep Purple

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