THE ASYLUM Playlist for 01-12-17 – Turbo Rules

THE ASYLUM Playlist for 01-12-17

This week on THE ASYLUM the following tunes were played (click here for podcast):

The Stage by Avenged Sevenfold

ManUNkind by Metallica

Open Your Eyes by Disturbed

Worthless by Corevalay

Main Theme by Galactic Empire

Beast Engine by Machinae Supremacy

Meltdown by Love And Death

Waves by Memories In Broken Glass

Jamie by Stephen Pearcy

Strength in Numbers by Sweet & Lynch

Moonstone by Cosmic Wool

Hit It Again by Texas Hippie Coalition

Open the Gates by Black Dawn

Afraid To Shoot Strangers by Iron Maiden

Down With The Devil by Lordi

Immortal Corrupter by Gwar

Blood Red Sky by Monument

Samurai by Liquid Steel

Defamed Pride by Mooncry

Let It Shine by Glenn Hughes

Faith Is A Room by KXM

Circle by Greywind

We Will Survive by Charetta

The Madness by Art of Anarchy

Hit The Wall by Adrenaline Mob

Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday the 13) by Fozzy

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