THE ASYLUM Playlist for 03-12-2020

Here’s what was played this week on THE ASYLUM (click here for podcast):

Down With The Sickness by Disturbed
Sick Bubblegum by Rob Zombie
Sick Love Song by Mötley Crüe
Unsainted by Slipknot
Humanicide by Death Angel
High Road by Charetta
Pause Rewind Repeat by Aurin
All Fall Down by Devilskin
Pink by Aerosmith
Alexa Bliss by Bowling For Soup
In Between (Hell & Heaven) by In This Moment
Do Or Die by Amaranthe featuring Angela Gassow
Scarz by Magg Dylan
Dream On by New Messiah featuring Deibys Artigas
Kill The King by Adrenaline Mob
Carry on a Wayward Son by Anthrax
Dance With The Devil by Burning Witches
Take Me Away by Lost Legacy
Phantom Flight by A Sound Of Thunder featuring Mark Tornillo
Die By The Sword by Accept
Head Of A Pin by Overkill
Inside Out by Five Finger Death Punch
Checkmate by Lamb Of God
Victim by Nefariant
Asphyxiation by Sons Of Apollo
Hide Nowhere by Devin Townsend
The Spell by Cellar Darling
Imhotep (The High Priest) by Monument
Powerslave by Iron Maiden
Halls of Valhalla by Judas Priest
The Four Horsemen [Live] by Metallica

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