THE ASYLUM Playlist for 11-01-18 – Turbo Rules

THE ASYLUM Playlist for 11-01-18

Here’s what was played this week on THE ASYLUM (click here for podcast):

All Out Life by Slipknot
Rotting In Vain by Korn
Welcome To Fat City by Crobot
Heading Out to the Highway by Judas Priestess
Wasp/ Behind the Wall of Sleep/ Bassically/ N.I.B. by Black Sabbath
Are You Ready by Disturbed
Final Breath by The Browning
Victim by Sunflower Dead
We, The Sad by Tallah
Bled For Days by Static-X
Rockin’ With The Boys by Ace Frehley
Tennessee Tea by Tired Wings
On Parole by Motörhead
Rock Bottom by Kiss
Under My Skin by Tempt
Animal by Shining
American Made by Dee Snider
Straight Jacket by Arc’d Angel
Flying High by Symetria
Villany by Dark Sky Choir
The Calling by Three Left
Heart Of Lies by Striker
Calm Before The Storm by Light The Torch
Strength Of The Mind by Killswitch Engage
Pick Your Poison by Lana Blac
Operation: Mindcrime by Queensrÿche
You’d Stick Out by PJ Farley
Light Of The Dark by DREAM CHILD
Stand Up And Shout by Dio
I Want My Tears Back [Live] by Nightwish

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