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The Masked Singer Got It’s Credits Crossed

Continuing with my promise to write more about things that urge me to do so has my targets set to FOX and their hit show The Masked Singer. Yes this celebrity karaoke edition of guess who has become a favorite of mine. But tonight I freaked out seeing the Lion perform “California Dreamin”, but not because of the performance. Watch and see if you know what had me seeing.

Did you see? They credited Sia for the song. Really?!?

Don’t tell me she did a version of it because that’s nice for Sia. Even the most clueless of millennial interns could’ve hit Google and found that it SHOULD HAVE been credited to The Mamas & The Papas.

It’s this type of laziness that’s undermining the music industry. Just because there’s a newer version doesn’t mean the predecessor should be forgotten.

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