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Album Review: TOLA Is Part Of Rock and Metal’s Future

I’m not one for having kids be performers in any industry. Sure it exists but so often they miss out on what it’s like to be kid or a teenager. But times are changing and bands like BabyMetal, Next To None, and Unlocking The Truth have become bands that have under drinking age members that understand the music and industry at a young age while still having fun doing so. 

Well now you can add TOLA (also known as The Other LA) to my list of exceptions to the rule. After hearing their recently released self titled EP I’m even more enthusiastic about the future of rock and metal because of the feeling and love for the music you that you can feel they put into the music. They aren’t doing it for a quick buck or fame, you can feel the love of the music in each song. 

Now forget that CJ Pierce of Drowning Pool helped TOLA rework their material and produce this EP and forget that Aria Fowler has Asperger’s, a high functioning form of Autism, and just listen to the song “Surviving Soul”. This young 17-year old has written lyrics that even veterans of the music industry wishes they could dream earn. A song that can resonate with anyone of any lifestyle when things get tough. A reminder to everyone that if you keeping fighting your fight day to day your winning at life.

Then you’ve got “The Connection” which just simply rocks right out of the gate. Another song that can connect with listeners as we all have friends we have a special connection with. It also further highlights Aria Fowler as a vocalist. I’d put her right up there with Lacey Sturm, Maria Brink of In This Moment, and Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless as great young female vocalists out there right now. 

Many people are questioning the future of rock and metal. But with a band like TOLA out there I worry no more about our music futures because they are one of many young and amazingly talented groups out there that deserve your support. 

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