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Did CBS Just Trick Big Brother Fans With “The Mooch”

Picutred: Anthony Scaramucci. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Rockers I had NO intention on doing anything today as it’s my birthday. But I also decided that in 2019 I’d be writing more for public viewing about everything when it hits me. So tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother has hit my writing nerve.

This season literally just started with the live feeds getting going as well had everyone confused. We all no the not-so-celebrity cast had been in the house at least a week before air but when the live feeds began Anthony Scaramucci was gone with the houseguests saying they missed him.

Add in numerous YouTube videos showing “The Mooch” cracking and self evicting. Or did he?

Celebrity Big Brother had it’s first live eviction tonight where it was revealed that “The Mooch” was a twist and wasn’t actually a houseguest but a challenge for a second POV competition.

Why isn’t this believable? Because Big Brother fans know that when a twist was revealed before it airs on CBS the voice of the producer always bellows “please don’t talk about production”. The houseguests weren’t reprimanded once since the live feeds hit when reminiscing or joking about “The Mooch” leaving AND since he left BEFORE the show hit the air it gave the producers time to save face.

Was “The Mooch” a plant or did he crack and production hid it? We may never know but my gut says production earned their paycheck on this self eviction con.

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