02-07-15: The Grammys, Interviews, Motor Sister, and more

Tomorrow night is the night most REAL music fans cringe. The night when the joke that is The Grammys takes over TV and Internet for days with mostly things they claim is music. As a fan of rock and metal it infuriates me every year that rock and metal get skipped for performances and are lucky if their awards are even presented on air. Not to mention that some pop artists/musicians are tossed in to the rock category based on some corporate desk jockeys opinion. But just like I do each year, I WILL watch and tweet my thoughts throughout the show. When there’s real talent I have no problem admitting it but I’m already expecting a 95% bullshit show and Sir Paul McCartney showing he’s too good to share a stage with Rhianna and Kanye West.

As long as schedules stay on track I’ll be speaking with Daniel of Nothing More about the success of the band from their latest and self titled album. It’s an album I really enjoy. I’ll also be speaking to Ryan Neff of Miss May I about their upcoming tour and of course I’ll find out how Mayhem Festival was for them last summer and what their plans are for the rest of 2015. Both interviews you will hear on THE ASYLUM this coming Thursday and then my affiliates after that.

Of course both interviews will make prerecording this weeks show very easy. The reason for the prerecording is because I’ll be attending a performance by Motor Sister, which features Scott Ian and Pearl Aday (among others), at St Vitus. I’m really looking forward to this because not only is it rare to see a band of this caliber live BEFORE the album is released but shows like this rarely happen here in New York. Just hoping Mother Nature doesn’t screw it up with snow.

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