03/08/14: Just A Few Quick Notes

Sometimes a little refresh is needed to get yourself boosted again. Hence the redesign and relaunch if my website. I’m eternally grateful to Chris DeBello for designing my first website as well as his continued work on the Rock Against Dystrophy site but my site needed a little refreshing to fit with everyone’s idea of quick and easy. That’s where my brother in music Bob Marino came in and gave us the new kick ass design my site has.

I ask everyone to also like my Facebook page as well as my Twitter to stay up to date with what I’m doing. Content at times will be similar on both but it’s truly going to be the best way to keep updated on whatever I’m up to, from the trivial to the highly important.

I’m excited to be going to the That Metal Show taping on Tuesday March 11. Yes it’s as an audience member and not guest as I tried to do with YouTube but as a fan and supporter of the show it’s exciting and a small step to maybe one day being a guest. I’ll do my best to share photos and anything else I can from the taping prior to its airing.

That’s it for now. Remember THE ASYLUM is new every Thursday on Bullspike Radio and then on my affiliates or podcast after that.

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