Turbo Rules – In Memoriam

John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

04/07: A Quick Update On Everything

Hey rockers, I want to apologize for the minimal activity. The last week was draining with the passing of my Aunt Minnie. While I knew it was coming the truth is I had a lot more difficulty dealing with it than I thought. My mind just wasn’t in the right place and if I’m going to do my usual thing I gotta be myself.

I have several albums sitting and waiting to be reviewed and I will get those up as soon as I can. Making time to listen to albums is the easy part. Making the time to write down your thoughts is another thing entirely. But keep your eyes open.

The next Rock Against Dystrophy is coming up on Saturday May 3rd at Mr Beerys in Long Island. It’s our second year bringing our effort to rock out to knock out MD to Long Island and I feel great about it. Also started working on the other Rock Against Dystrophy events for this year so stay tuned for that.

Remember to tune in to THE ASYLUM as I’ll be live again this Thursday from 10PM – 1AM EST on Bullspike Radio and during the week on my rockin affiliates.

Justen Bieber