05/04/14: A Few Quick Notes

My apologies rockers for falling behind on blogs and reviews. I’ve had a lot going on recently that’s kept me from the writing I’ve been wanting to do.

First a huge thank you to everyone who was a part of the first Rock Against Dystrophy of 2014 last night at Mr Beerys in Long Island. It was an amazing night for the cause and a great start to the years events for the cause. The next show will be announced very soon so stay tuned.

In the world of rock and metal things continue to amaze me. Stephen Pearcy of RATT has made public statements saying he wants out of the band but also is willing to record one more album with the band the fulfill a contract deal with the label. While it’s no secret that the relationship between the guys of RATT is anything but perfect I cannot see how in one breath someone wants out but in the next breath is willing to work with the band. Their last album Infestation was amazing and I even saw them live after that albums release and the band was firing on all cylinders. I truly hope that this is just Pearcy blowing off steam again and it gets resolved quickly because it would be a shame to see them split again after such a great album.

I’m also glad to see the Queensryche issue resolved outside of a courtroom setting. Geoff Tate retains the sole rights of Operation: Mindcrime & Operation: Mindcrime II while the Scott Rockenfield version gets the rights to the name Queensryche and the rest of the catalog. While I haven’t heard how it affects the Geoff Tate Queensryche album Frequency Unknown I’m sure it’ll be handled properly. It’s nice to see such a nasty split resolved like many of us knew would be AND not drag out into years of dueling bands using one name like L.A. Guns did for many years.

I also would like to congratulate Boston’s Mongrel on their label deal with Unable Records. I’ve been lucky enough to know them despite the geographical distance between us (and hockey rivalry) and seen then grow. I always senses things were going to happen for them. Their next album Evolution hits this year and I know it’ll be a great one and I cannot wait to hear it.

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