07/09: Some Changes, Rock Against Dystrophy, and more

My apologies for not really doing much writing lately rockers. Been beyond busy the last month setting up interviews which have already aired on THE ASYLUM with bands taking part in this years Mayhem Festival. Those took priority because they’re for the bands and you listeners. Remember all interviews can be heard on my YouTube channel if you are just looking for the interviews and not full shows.

There’s also been a change with things with getting things going higher for me and THE ASYLUM. Bob Marino, who was announced as my PR guy a few months ago, had to step back and is no longer my PR person. It was NOT due to anything between us. He just has a lot keeping him busy and doesn’t have the time to be my PR person. We agreed to that prior to him starting and so there’s no bad feelings. Bob is still my webguy and my brother from another mother. If anyone knows of a PR person please contact me through the contact section of my site.

I’m also very busy with the next Rock Against Dystrophy fundraiser happening on Saturday July 19th at Crossroads in Garwood, NJ. It’s only the second R.A.D. event in NJ but it’s setting up to be the biggest one. I’m beyond excited and honored to have so many amazing people involved this year. In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the flier.


There’s also a ton of new music out right now worth your money. Here’s a few:
Evolution – Mongrel
Redeemer of Souls – Judas Priest
Inferno – Marty Friedman
Vae Victis – IKILLYA
Sonic Syndicate – Sonic Syndicate

Hoping to write up some reviews soon. Remember to catch THE ASYLUM every Thursday night live on Bullspike Radio and then in syndication after or podcast.

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