08/27: A Busted Chair Slows Things Down


Hey rockers, I wanted to take a moment and clarify things for everyone who visits my site and doesn’t yet follow me on Twitter.

Last week as I was prepping THE ASYLUM for air the seating mechanism on my wheelchair died. It left me in a very uncomfortable position so I wasn’t able to do the show last week. And while I the part is on it’s way to the repair shop and my family has figured out a way to get me as comfortable as possible to be able to sit up to eat and watch TV it’s not comfortable enough for me to be posting news and doing my usual music related stuff.

I apologize to all of you and all the bands. I usually don’t get slowed down for long cause it’s not in my nature. But no matter how much a fighter I am I can’t rush a delivery when I wasn’t given the option to do so.

I have figured out how to air THE ASYLUM tomorrow night on Bullspike Radio so tune in at 10PM EST as I will be airing my interviews with Nevada Romo of Anti-Mortem and Mark Tornillo, both recorded before my chair broke.

I’m staying positive that the repair will happen either tomorrow or Friday so that I don’t miss Motley Crüe and Alice Cooper this Saturday.

If you can’t catch THE ASYLUM tomorrow night it’ll be on my affiliates during the week and podcast as soon as possible after it airs.

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