11-19-14: It’s Been A While

Just realized I’m beyond overdue to write something. Especially after promising you guys I’d do more. Procrastination, no. Just things always come up and balancing things between building my career and name while making time to still be myself and unwind so I don’t burn out isn’t an easy balancing act.

Two weeks ago we did the last Rock Against Dystrophy show for 2014. It was another amazing night for the cause and I’m very thankful for everyone who came out to support. I’m also beyond thankful for everyone who got involved with Rock Against Dystrophy this year. 2014 turned into a year I could have never dreamed of happening for Rock Against Dystrophy and for the people who got involved this year. I really don’t know how we are going to equal or top what we did this year when we start planning 2015 but I know the cause is growing and is awareness. Remember you can donate anytime on the website

I’m a few weeks away from celebrating my 5th year doing internet radio and getting into the music industry on more than a fan level. That will be another blog entry at the time but it’s another moment where I sit and go “where has the time gone?”

There’s tons of great music out there rockers that I’m doing my best to keep up with and bring you on THE ASYLUM. I’m really digging the new album from In This Moment called Black Widow. It picks up right where they left off with their previous album Blood. Also check out Australian rockers Damnations Day debut album Invisible, the Dead. It was recommended to me by my good friend Mark Tornillo of Accept. If you like Queensryche then you’ll like these guys.

That’s all for now. Remember to tune in for THE ASYLUM tomorrow at 10PM EST on Bullspike Radio and during the week on my affiliates.

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