12-03-14: Five Years And Much More To Come


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. I decided to take the days to relax this year as opposed to busting my ass further during the holiday. Some call it lazy others call it smart so not to burn out. Plus during the holiday there wasn’t much music news going on.

The year is coming to its end which means a few big shows are coming up for THE ASYLUM and myself. Tomorrow 12/04 I’ll be airing my 5 Year Anniversary special. Granted my actual anniversary as a solo radio personality began when THE ASYLUM first went on the air on 12/09/09 I had to choose the date based on when the show airs live on Bullspike Radio and my affiliates so that it makes sense for all listeners.

Honestly when I started 5 years ago I honestly didn’t think I’d still be doing it this many years later. I had great ideas that I would and want I wanted to do but didn’t think it’d happen. Luckily I’m stubborn and I’ve proven myself wrong as my show airs of 5 different stations, is an iTunes podcast, and I’ve interviewed and even become friends with people I’ve never thought would’ve happened. So I can say confidently that these first 5 years are only the beginning. And I want to thank everyone, too many to list individually, for supporting what I do.

This year my annual Christmas show falls on Christmas Day so it’ll be named a little differently than years past but still be the same mix of holiday classics, rock and metal holiday songs, and rock and metal songs that I think fit the season. Then the week after will be my music year in review show where I will get in as much of the music that was released this year as I can in just a 3-hour show.

I’ll also be posting my “Should Own List of 2014” within the next week or so. As I did last year, I don’t believe in those top ten albums lists or favorite albums lists that others do. My list is simply albums that I’ve gotten this year that I feel should be in your music library. So keep your eyes posted for that.

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