12-10-14: End of Year Shows Update


Thanks for everyone who listened my 5 year anniversary show of THE ASYLUM and contacted me to congratulate me for rockin on. It’s something I enjoy doing for and with you guys each week.

The end of the year is quickly approaching and I have my two annual specials that I need to get in before the calendar switches over to 2015. So I took a look at the calendar and figured everything out and here’s the update.

This week, 12/11/14 will be the regular version of THE ASYLUM that you all know and listen to. Then next Thursday 12/18/14 will be THE ASYLUM 2014 Year In Music where I’ll bring you as many songs from albums and artists that we got this year as I can in my usual 3 hour spot. Then the following Thursday is Christmas and I WILL have THE ASYLUM Before Christmas Special for you rockers. While the show will actually air on Christmas I’m deciding to keep the specials name as is for consistency. After all it’s rare that my show falls on the actual holiday.

So while other shows and DJs are using the holiday as an excuse to give you reruns or nothing at all I’m keeping my promise to you rockers to keep giving you knew shows as long as I can.

And as always each week the shows will air on the affiliates so if you miss the initial airing and podcasts aren’t your thing then you have several chances during the week to catch THE ASYLUM each week.

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