12-16-14: Losing a Station, End of Year, and more

Just got word this afternoon that one of the stations carrying THE ASYLUM is changing. KNRQ.DB has been a great station and I’m glad to have had my show aired on its airwaves. Unfortunately the station has been bought by someone and they’ve chosen to take it to a Christian Rock format. So the end of year shows for THE ASYLUM will be the last heard on KNRQ.DB as it changes affective January 1st.

I’m always looking for new stations to carry THE ASYLUM so if you know one that should carry my show let them know or email me and let me know and I’ll hit them up.

This week on THE ASYLUM is my Year In Review show and next week will be my holiday special so don’t miss either one.

I’m debating doing another video to try and be booked as a guest on That Metal Show. They are back in NY for season 14 and I’m still determined to be a guest on their to represent the world of Internet radio, local bands, and my generation of rock and metal fans. If you want to see me on their go to Twitter and tell @ThatMetalShow that you want to see me booked as a guest and use #TurboOnTMS as well. Persistence is key in life rockers and I’m just that.

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