42 DECIBEL Releases New Video for “Midnight Teaser (Evil Woman)”

akPeKNtNew Album Rolling in Town Available October 4th on SPV/Steamhammer
42 DECIBEL have released a new video for the song “Midnight Teaser (Evil Woman)” taken from the new album Rolling In Town.The video is available for viewing HERE.
With their impressive debut album Hard Rock´n`Roll (2013), 42 DECIBEL caused a sensation that has not been fault in the scene for quite some time.
Their dry as bone sound, the straightforward direction of the songs with blues-rock roots shining through, frontman Junior Figueroa’s rasping voice reminiscent of Bon Scott, make the band a must hear for all rock fans
42 DECIBEL know only one religion: that religion is rock´n`roll!  Now on their second album Rolling In Town the band from Argentina makes no secret! They are here to rock!
Rolling In Town will be released on SPV/Steamhammer October 2nd in North America.  Pre-order the album HERE.
1.Cant Keep Control
2.Short Fused
3.Rude And fast
4.Drop Of Booze
5.Burning Down The Road
6.Eye Of The Hawk
7.Down The Hatch
8.Midnight Teaser (Evil Woman)
9.Cold Steel Rider
10.Smooth Talker
Side A:
1.Cant Keep Control
2.Short Fused
3.Midnight Teaser (Evil Woman)
4.Burning Down The Road
5.Down The Hatch
Side B:
1.Cold Steel Rider
2.Rude And Fast
3.Eye Of The Hawk
4.Drop Of Booze
5.Smooth Talker
Junior Figueroa (Vocals, Guitar)
Nicko Cambiasso (Drums)
Billy Bob Riley (Rhythm & Slide Guitar)
Matt Fraga (Bass)

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