A Few Important Notes In One

A lot going on so instead of writing multiple posts I’m writing one and put everything in it.

First, the server that Bullspike Radio uses for broadcasting has changed some of its regulations which means there are some technical aspects that need attention.  As a result my show THE ASYLUM will not air this week (April 26th) so I can focus on the tech aspects.  I will return next week (May 3rd) at 10PM EST as usual.

Second, the first Rock Against Dystrophy event of the year is set for Saturday, May 19th at the Tattoo Shot Lounge in Coney Island, Brooklyn.  It will be hosted by Tim Martinez and I will be the DJ in between bands. Below is the shows flyer:

Please put this event on your calendar and tell your friends, it’s a great night of rock & metal for a great cause.  And I’ll catch you back inside THE ASYLUM on Bullspike Radio on May 3rd.

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