A Pure Dose Of Metal From Generation Kill

The long awaited sophomore album from Generation Kill entitled “We’re All Gonna Die” has arrived with a bang. I got a little taste of ot earlier this year but that taste was nothing compared to the intensity this album brings.

Everyone knows an album by its opening riffs and often the first few seconds of an album sets the standard for the rest of the album. Ten seconds into the album on the opening track “Born To Serve” you get hit by Rob Dukes with the best opening line to a song and album I’ve ever heard of “you’re a fucking slave” followed by a riff that you’ll never forget. Not the mention a guitar solo IN THE OPENING track. Both Jason Velez and Jason Trenzcer make their presence know right out of the gate. In a time where guitar solos are becoming a rare item on albums having Generation Kill put one in on the first track just reminds you that these guys are serious about keeping metal alive.

The album continues to barrel through everything you’ve come to know of metal over the years varying tempos and tone throughout the album. I wonder how Rob Moschietti (bass) and Jim DeMaria (drums) didn’t get dizzy during the recording process with the constant rhythm changes.

My personal favorite on the album is “Carny Love”, it has so many amazing elements of blues and metal in it that you find yourself deciding whether to sway with it or headbang it could easily be the opening song to their live show for many years, it has the same vibe to me that “Psycho Circus” did for KISS and they opened their shows for years with that one.

Those that listen to my show know that I’m lucky enough to be friends with the guys of Generation Kill and might think that this is a biased review. I promise you it isn’t. If this album wasn’t worth it I’d say so and I’d be busting the guys balls for not delivering. But that is MOT the case. “We’re All Gonna Die” is a pure metal album and Generation Kill found a way to include many aspects of metal we’ve come to know in an 8 song album that kicks ass and belongs in your collection.

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