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Album Review: ACCEPT Continue To Rock With “The Rise Of Chaos”

Despite what bands say in interviews the truth is they want every album to be equally as good as the one before it and the one after it. Unfortunately perfection is only a dream but consistency is very achievable. But even that is difficult for many bands throughout their careers. Though that is not the case for Accept as their latest effort The Rise Of Chaos is right on track with the albums that came before it in recent years.

The album kicks in from track one with “Die By The Sword” like the intro to a live performance. The slow lead in by Wolf Hoffman and drummer Christopher Williams feels like a warning signal of be prepared to be rocked. A very strong song with a message we’ve all head before that I can easily see becoming the opening track on all live shows Accept has coming up.

And not that I’m going track by track but the following track on the album “Hole In The Head” is something I can see becoming a fan favorite. Wolf Hoffman has written a song that truly defines how many of us feel about certain people in our lives. Plus there’s just something about how Mark Tornillo delivers the vocals on this track. Maybe it’s being a no bullshit New Jersey guy or maybe he knows certain people that are as useful as a hole in the head. Whichever it might be there’s no argument that this rhythmic masterpiece will become and fan favorite and possible song people use to end a friendship or two.

I also can’t help but love “Analog Man” with a vibe that reminds you of the song “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits but heavier and up to date. Sure this song divides the generations of Accept fans between those old enough to remember the simpler days of music and the world versus the hi-tech world we live in. Even Wolf‘s solo is a throwback to the 70s and 80s of being simple and not technical. Sure I’m 37 and disabled with technology helping me on a daily basis (I’m typing this on my iPhone) but even I miss the simple days of buying a CD in a store and needing a stereo to listen to it. How can you not smirk and pump your fist in agreement with a line like “..my cell phone’s smarter than me.”

Of course Wolf Hoffman occasionally likes to deliver a message in at least one song on every Accept album in recent years. The haunting guitars and ticking drum vibe on the albums closing track “The Race To Extinction”. It’s a killer song that has a killer message while truly sounding like you’re driving down a highway towards an end at 99MPH with a brief chance to slow down to change direction. A somewhat global message of its time to wake up and make some changes before we hit the wall at the end and then there’s no more rockin for any of us.

I truly don’t know how Accept manage to stay so consistent with their albums since Mark Tornillo joined four albums ago but they just do. The Rise Of Chaos is Accept as you know them to be and should be part of your music library whether you’re a long time fan or if this is your first time into their world.

Justen Bieber