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Acoustic Act Farewell For Now Releases “Merry Christmas, I Miss You”

CREDIT: Adam Raschka

Syracuse-based acoustic act Farewell For Now has released his debut single “Merry Christmas, I Miss You” just in time to tug at your holiday heartstrings. The creative force behind the project, singer/songwriter Matheus Amado, says the song was inspired after someone unexpectedly came back into his life.

It’s kind of a long lost song,” says Amado. “The idea is centered around the idea that you loved someone long ago and that person comes back into your life as a completely different person.

Amado recently launched Farewell For Now after being bedridden for some time with a shattered leg. While his previous band Above-Ground was on tour with Rookie of the Year, the group was involved in an accident that totaled their van and eventually led to their disbandment.

I knew the band wasn’t going to last because of the accident, so I just resorted to writing,” says Amado. “Writing music during that time felt so necessary. I was also very excited at this point because I always loved the intimacy that acoustic music brings, much like Dashboard Confessional. Once I was able to leave the house, I went straight back to the studio to record my debut EP (which will be out this January).

“Merry Christmas, I Miss You” is available now on iTunes and Bandcamp.

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