Turbo Rules – In Memoriam

John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

Adrenaline Mob Returns Big

After spending a lot of time on to road spreading the word about what Adrenaline Mob is about it was time for a new album  However that process had some worried as Mike Portnoy announced last year he was leaving the mob to focus on The Winery Dogs. Well to those who were worried I say worry no more as Adrenaline Mob‘s latest effort entitled “Men Of Honor” shows they’re back bigger than ever.

You know from the opening riffs of the album on the opening track Mob Is Back that they mean business. Mike Orlando continues to blaze on guitar on this album. In some ways more than the previous two. Mike has managed to make tons of room in each track for guitar solos without hurting any of the songs. A huge credit to him for doing that as we now are in a music world where guitar solos on albums are becoming a rare thing. Its a great way for people who aren’t familiar with his abilities as a musician to see how he is a contender for one of the best guitarists in rock and metal right now.

You’ll also notice that there’s a bit more aggression and power behind the drums. While Mike Portnoy seemed the perfect fit from the beginning it’s obvious that new member AJ Pero has brought his top game to the band. To me he just seems to be bringing an extra power into the band and syncs up perfectly with John Moyer setting the pace and each track. I almost dare you not to get pumped up listening to this album.

The other new addition to what we’ve come to know from Adrenaline Mob are harmonies between Russell Allen and Mike Orlando. While they aren’t on every track they do stand out and for seamlessly on Dearly Departed and Behind These Eyes. The later of the two behind a nice power ballad. Remember those? Another aspect of rock and metal that seems to be getting lost in the current world of rock and metal. Mike and Russell‘s harmonies are so perfect that you’d almost forget that this is only Adrenaline Mob‘s 3rd album (4th for those of you that have their self titled debut EP).

The guys of Adrenaline Mob take things one step further with two acoustic tracks; Crystal Clear and Falling To Pieces. Several years ago when the MTV Unplugged series was selling albums left and right songs like these were the norm. It’s a nice moment or two away from the blood pumping music they give us on this album.

What it all boils down to is that Adrenaline Mob‘s “Men Of Honor” is a complete album. It doesn’t leave you wanting a ballad or wondering what they might sound like acoustically. They lay it all on the table like old school Vegas saying it’s all or nothing. As someone whose enjoyed all aspects of rock and metal I can safely say they’ve delivered it all in this album.

Justen Bieber