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ALBEZ DUZ Occult Doom Rock Collective Issues Wings Of Tzinacan Track-By-Track Synopsis At Decibel Magazine

Occult doom rock collective ALBEZ DUZ released their Wings Of Tzinacan full-length in North America via Listenable Records late last month. In commemoration of the release, today the band, in cooperation with Decibel Magazine, issues a thorough track-by-track synopsis alongside a full stream of the record.


Of “Tzinacan’s Rising,”guitarist Julia Neuman notes, “Here we ditched the melancholy in favor of ’70s rock worship, inspired by Eugen’s appreciation for Hawkwind. At first, we weren’t sure if it fit the album, but then it took on a life of its own as we imagined it to be a theme for Tzinacan in flight. It’s a short glimpse of light and breath of fresh air before a plunge back into darkness, the pulsing anti-doom curveball preceding the album’s doomiest track.


Read more, courtesy of Decibel Magazine, RIGHT HERE.


ALBEZ DUZ‘s Wings Of Tzinacan is available now via Listenable Records at THIS LOCATION.


The Obelisk champions an, “… eight-track/51-minute excursion into murk that calls to mind Type O Negative and The Butterfly Effect-era Moonspell as much as Paradise Lost while still retaining an identity of its own in its sense of atmosphere, depth of mix, and arrangement flourish…” Battle Helm hails Wings Of Tzinacan‘s “heavy, doomy metal with an epic feel,” likening it to, “the soundtrack to the forthcoming apocalypse.” Echo Eyes lauds a record, “rife with malice,” and a sound that is a, “complete manifestation of majestically-drenched, sorrow-filled howls of those who reside in the darkest pits of the human subconscious.” While Worshipmetal.com lists the album among its 5 Metal Albums You Simply Can’t Ignore In October 2016.


Emerging from the dark corners of Berlin in 2006, ALBEZ DUZ – old High German for “swan” (Albex) and “noisiness” or “rush” “Duz” – was forged by Eugen “Impurus” Herbst initially as a one-man side project. The band’s ominous debut was recorded in 2009 with singer Lars Kaeding. Following Kaeding’s death however, the band stepped into the shadows for the next three years. With a lingering fire and purpose, Herbst continued to write for ALBEZ DUZ and, after an exhaustive search, crossed paths with Alfonso Brito whose voice seemed destined for the project. In September 2014, the duo brought the band’s second album The Coming Of Mictlan to life via Iron Bonehead Records and Archaic Sound. They began performing live shortly after.


ALBEZ DUZ has since shared the stage with iconic acts such as Primordial and Swans as well as other rising talent including Bölzer, Ascension, and Hexvessel. In a short time, the Berliners established themselves as a force in the European underground and elicited high praise from both critics and audiences alike. ALBEZ DUZ recently completed its third full-length album, the thundering Wings Of Tzinacan, at The Source Studios Munich with producer and audio engineer Michael Zech (Secrets Of The Moon, Triptykon, Ascension etc.) at the helm. Guitarist Julia Neuman has joined their ranks, solidifying the band as an unstoppable power trio.


Fans of Saint Vitus, Count Raven, Tiamat, Hawkwind, Jex Thoth, Pentagram, and the like have been warned.

Justen Bieber