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Album Review: Have Huggies Nearby To Go With DON JAMIESON’s “Denim and Laughter”

It feels like decades since That Metal Show has gone off the air and sadly most metal fans think only Eddie Trunk has continued on since. But those of us whose horns are bred to be raised high know that Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson never stopped being funny while still loving metal. The later reminding us all that comedy does still exist in today’s society with his newest album Denim and Laughter.

Knowing Don and his comedy style it only makes sense that his new album starts off with booze, bashing hipsters, and reminding everyone that Keith Richards will out live us all without being gluten free. You gotta love how Don’s delivery always makes you laugh not only because it’s funny but because you’ve thought it yourself or know someone that fits exactly what he’s talking about.

And while most comedians are either ignoring politics completely or picking a side to preach during their act, Don actually has a moment that I immediately felt like I was listening to the late George Carlin. His breakdown and raw logic during “The Greatest Country, Wife-Beaters, & Aliens” is a reminder of how the best comedy is often a truth about society that we don’t realize until it’s presented to us.

Of course in the blink of an eye Don swings right back to that raw metal humor that we know and love. Whether it’s how Tea Tree Shampoo tingles his balls (too much information thank you) or how he and a bunch of comedians get the best of Sebastian Bach formerly of Skid Row, Don stays true to his comedy stylings. He knows his crowd, plays to it and has no intentions on changing to gain followers to trend with the times.

Don Jamieson is beginning to shadow many of his favorite bands. Going from doing shows in small clubs, to opening for national acts on tour, and then going back to small clubs again. That’s what metal and comedy is about and exactly what you get from his new album Denim and Laughter so get your Miller Lite’s and be ready to laugh with your horns held high.

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