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Album Review: “Matriphagy” Is The Start Of TALLAH’s Legacy

Truth be told we all have said at one time or another “I wish I could’ve been there when they first started” about many of our favorite bands. Fortunately we are at a crossroads musically as our longtime favorites are eventually going to retire and many new bands coming up to fill the gaps. Sure there are countless bands to search through but thankfully we have a few diamonds who know how to shine enough to be both seen and heard. Tallah is one of those diamonds and they’re not just shining to be seen but screaming to be heard.

In 2018 Max Portnoy began working on Tallah after Next To None began a hiatus. What started out as an instrumental band quickly became a full band with vocals thanks to a well timed email to Justin Bonitz of YouTube notoriety. Before they knew it they played their first show together as a band with no rehearsal and released their debut EP No One Should Read This. They grinder through the club scene and built a fanbase that got the attention of Earache Records which now has the world on their first full length album Matriphagy.

Tallah pulls out their influences while still having their own sound like season veterans. At first listen to “Overconfidence” you’ll catch hints of Slipknot and Korn but that’s all you get are hints. Justin’s vocals are unbelievably unique in being able to do dirty and clean vocals himself in one song. Most bands today rely on multiple vocalists to do that, but not here. Justin’s versatility as a vocalist shines all throughout the album.

They revisit tracks like “Placenta” and “We, The Sad” from the EP because it’s part of a bigger story. Yes you read correctly. Matriphagy is a story, dare I say concept album, which Max Portnoy recently explained in a recent interview. Thankfully these revisits are just cleaned up to match the overall production value of the new album. No full rewrites or re-recorded fancy production, just a little tweak to have a complete flow to the album.

To match the flow of Matriphagy is the intensity of each track. You can literally feel the energy coming through the speakers or headphones. Listen to “L.E.D.” and try not to get an adrenaline rush. It’s impossible. I can close my eyes listening to this album and see Max Portnoy pounding on his kit like a madman. Continue on the “The Silo” and you’ll find yourself building up a sweat from trying to contain the energy Tallah brings.

With so many new bands coming out with so many different styles it’s going to take the energy that Tallah brings to each performance and brings with Matriphagy to be heard. With this full length debut they will be heard by the masses. Tallah will be heard by the masses now and for years to come.

Justen Bieber