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01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

Ashent’s 2nd Album Coming in March

Lion Music is pleased to announce the signing of Italian metallers ASHENT.
Their second album “DECONSTRUCTIVE” will be released in March 20th 2009.
“Deconstructive” is a potent progressive experience with many techno-thrash elements, some melodic death references and gothic atmospheres. Each song has its own distinct style with a mix of huge riffs, great variety of tempo, persuasive harmonies, great melodies and shredding arrangements. Essentially Ashent represents the darkest and heaviest side of progressive metal, sharing dramatic and intense emotions with the intimacy of an inner journey, all wrapped in a modern musical and lyrical language.

Here it is the new cover!

Track Listing:
Sinking Beneath
To Develop Self-Creativity
The Resonance Of Life
Spectral Vanity
How Could It Feel Like This?
Ebb And Flow Of Awareness
Starlinked Innerness
Eclipsing Binary
Music For Departure

Played by:
Steve Braun: vocals
Onofrio Falanga: guitars
Davide Buso: drums
Gianpaolo Falanga: bass
Cristiano Bergamo: guitars
Paolo Torresani: keyboards

All music written by Onofrio Falanga and Ashent.

All lyrics written by Steve Braun and Ashent.

Produced by Onofrio Falanga, Gianpaolo Falanga and Luigi Stefanini.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Luigi Stefanini at New Sin Studio.

Additional guitar-recordings engineered by Glenn Fricker at Spectre-sound studio.

Guest guitar solo on “Eclipsing binary” by Daniele Gottardo.

Artwork and layout by Mario SanchezNevado.

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