ATREYU Have Surprise Planned For Fans



Band to Make Big Reveal on Facebook Friday September 5!

(New York, N.Y.): ATREYU entered a brief period of dormancy in 2011, after having steadily risen to the top of the metalcore heap during the American metal Renaissance of the ’00s. The inactivity is over. The beast has risen. The dust has been shaken off. ATREYU are back and they are poised for big things through the rest of 2014 and beyond.


ATREYU have a September 11 gig at Chain Reaction in their native Orange County, which sold out in less than a minute, and a much-heralded appearance at the 2014 edition of AFTERSHOCK on the horizon. They also have quite a surprise in store for fans this Friday, September 5.


Drummer/vocalist Brandon Saller has offered a hint of what’s to come, indicating that it is the fans that keep the ATREYU engines running at full throttle. He said, “This is the rebirth of ATREYU. You have stood by us for countless years. This is for you. Thank you.”


Singer Alex Varkatzas concurred, saying, “We can’t wait to share this with our fans and the world. We are revitalized!”


Tune in Friday, September 5 at 9AM PT/12PM ET to find out exactly what ATREYU have in store for fans and the metal world.

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