Author & Punisher Recording Housecore Records’ Debut with Philip H. Anselmo


Photo credit: Housecore Records

Author & Punisher, the San Diego-based, one man doom outfit that uses machinery to create music, is currently in the studio recording their Housecore Records’ debut album.

The currently untitled album is being recorded at Nodferatu’s Lair in North Shore, La. With Housecore Records’ founder Philip H. Anselmo and Author & Punisher serving as producers.

As Author & Punisher, Tristan Shone builds and manipulates machinery to create music in an entirely new manner. A recent Wired Magazine feature, citing the lack of live instruments said, “What you’ll find instead is lots and lots of actual metal — a hefty helping of aluminum, steel, and copper, to be precise.”  Shone started working on what would become Author & Punisher as part of his master’s thesis, dubbing his “instruments” the Drone Machines.  NPR said of Author & Punisher’s live performance, “It’s a thrill to watch this musical cyborg at work, as he literally fires on all cylinders and pulls levers like an executioner.”

“I went into the writing process with a new setup of both old Drone Machines, newer Dub Machines and synth, as I have found combinations that work effectively together,” explains Shone. “From day one of our session and throughout, Phil Anselmo and his long time crew of Mike Thompson and Big Fella have nurtured the heaviness and dissonance in my songs and the machines with a very interesting focus on vocals.  The experience at Housecore has been so positive because, yes we are making a record, but we are together 24 hours a day and the welcome has made me feel relaxed so I can produce the art.  This is the first time I have really worked with anyone on an A&P recording and to be fully engrossed in your songs for more than three weeks with Phil has really allowed us to find.”

“Tristan Shone is a genius,” said Anselmo. “I’ve seen him do his thing for a few years now and toured with him.  We set up a recording session for early November 2014, and his crushing of most things common in music ensued.  But lo and behold, I heard him SING.  And it blew me away.  What now separates him from other Noise-type bands is his voice!  It is an art to make excellent Noise, and it’s an art to be able to use one’s voice to its full potential.  The songs we’re recording are Noisy, dismal and beautiful — an excellent combination.  To not maximize his talents would be a slight to Tristan’s art.  This is what we intend to do through his songs, and I’m proud to be a part of this alliance.”

Author & Punisher tour dates:

Dec. 3     San Diego, CA     The Casbah

Dec. 4     San Francisco, CA     DNA

Dec. 5     San Luis Obispo, CA     Lee Golde

Dec. 6     Sacramento, CA     Press Club

Dec. 8     Eugene, OR     Wow Hall

Dec. 9     Portland, OR     Tonic

Dec. 10     Seattle, WA     Highline

Dec. 11     Vancouver, BC     Hindenburg

Dec. 12     Bellingham, WA     Shakedown

Dec. 13     Boise, ID     Crazy Horse

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