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John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

BLACKWATER DROWNING Release Brutal New Song “Violent Ends”

Hailing from Salisbury, a small suburb of Charlotte North Carolina, Blackwater Drowning have created a strong local following and a growing fan base, setting themselves apart from the rest of the underground metal community. With their distinct musical backgrounds, the mix of hardcore metal and technical musical abilities, the band has shared the stage with many big names in the music industry including Mushroomhead, September Mourning and Gemini Syndrome.

Their first EP was a strong introduction of the band and a powerful statement to the local scene. When the band went back into the studio they wanted to deliver something more powerful, more brutal but still keeping to their original sound but adding more technical elements in terms of the guitar and drum work.

“It’s definitely a step up, but it’s like an evolution, it’s still familiar and it’s still what Blackwater Drowning is, it’s just the next step,” says Morgan Riley vocalist for the band.

The band just released the first single “Violent Ends” and will be releasing a music video for the song later this month.

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