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Bonfire to Release New Double Album

After the successful release of 2015’s Glörious, Bavarian hard rock legends BONFIRE are proving they still have a great future to come – this year, the band celebrates 30 years on stage! Throughout their career, BONFIRE have performed over 1,500 concerts worldwide with artists such as Whitesnake, Judas Priest and ZZ Top. The eternal burning flame – BONFIRE founder, composer, guitarist and mastermind Hans Ziller – now brings his bandmates David Reece (vocals, ex- Accept), Frank Pané (lead guitar), Ronnie Parkes (bass and vocals) and Tim Breideband (drums) into the next phase.
To celebrate 30 years of rock and metal, BONFIRE is pleased to present a new “best of” double album, Pearls, out March 25, 2016 via UDR Music. This marks the band’s very first double album since their formation in 1986. Pre-orders are available via iTunes and Amazon.
Pearls features two discs of selections spanning BONFIRE‘s 14 studio and 6 live releases – one set of newly-recorded crunching classics and one set of favorites performed with an orchestra – resoundingly reintroducing the rock world to a band who have always delivered the perfect mixture of hard, heavy and melodic rock (think of a heady rock-tail featuring elements of the LA metal scene but firmly forged in the classic iron-clad elements of German giants such as Scorpions, Uli Jon Roth and Accept). The time is absolutely right for BONFIRE to re-ignite worldwide with this platinum-plated classic collection.
CD 1: BONFIRE “Rock Pearls”
  1. Strike Back
  2. Under Blue Skies
  3. Diamonds In The Rough
  4. Proud Of My Country
  5. Sweet Home Alabama (cover track)
  6. Don’t Go Changing Me
  7. Sweet Obsession
  8. American Nights
  9. Good Time Rock ‘n’ Roll
  10. Heat In The Glow
  11. Can´t Stop Rocking
  12. Down To Atlanta
  13. Loaded Gun (cover track)
CD 2: BONFIRE “Classic Pearls” (with the Italian Symphony-Ensemble)
  1. You Make Me Feel
  2. Give It A Try
  3. Who’s Foolin’ Who
  4. I Need You
  5. Good Night Amanda
  6. Southern Winds
  7. If It Wasn’t For You
  8. Why Is It Never Enough
  9. Let´s Fly Away


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