Busy Weekend for Yours Truly

Yes this is going to be a very active weekend for me. The 2009-2010 NHL season has begun and I couldn’t be happier. Been watching some of the other teams around the league but tonight my Rangers begin the season against the Penguins in Pittsburgh. I’m not one to wish ill on other players but could Brashear please drill Sidney Crosby into the boards. I HATE Crosby with a passion, especially when there are better players in the league who deserve the attention.

Tomorrow I will be at Madison Square Garden, my home away from home, with Mom for the NY Rangers home opener. We will be sitting ice level at the Zamboni gate so if your watching the game keep a lookout for me. And if your at the game feel free to make your way down to the Zamboni gate and say hi.

On Sunday I will once again be sitting in as guest host of The Scorpion’s Lair from 3-5pm EST on Brooklyn College Radio. Jay Scorpion has put together another great playlist of music from bands you know and bands you should know. We know Sunday is football but the commentators suck so mute your TV and listen to The Scorpion’s Lair, you won’t regret it.

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