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Album Review: BUTCHER BABIES Show Growth With “Lilith”

Honestly I wasn’t a fan of Butcher Babies right away. I figured with how quickly they rose from obscurity to the national level that there had to be something gimmicky about them. But my gut kept telling me I was off and I became a fan prior to their last studio album Take It Like A Man. There was enough understandable aggressive vocals with some good solid riffs that got my attention. But I felt like they might’ve been hiding some true talent behind all that screaming and growling and I was right.

Yes their new album Lilith has that aggression that everyone, even myself, has come to love. Hey we all get aggressive at times and that music helps in many ways but there’s also some seriously amazing singing on this album too. But first to put you long time fans at ease worrying about them “selling out”, chill, as I said the aggressive stuff lives.

The albums opening track is a pure grab you by the balls thrash and aggression. “Burn The Straw Man” comes out strong like the first song played at a concert. Instantly your blood starts pumping and you might even find yourself starting a mosh pit right where you are (I didn’t though because my wheelchair would’ve wrecked my furniture). And deeper down in the album you also get a very OTEP like track called “#IWOKEUPLIKETHIS”. The pounding drums of newly added Chase Brickenden should have you whipping out your air drum sticks and turn you into Animal of The Muppets in a heartbeat. This quick hit haunting track has a ton of energy behind it that it could light up the Empire State Building. A pure battery charger for your days of feeling drained.

Then there’s the growth I mentioned, the actual legit singing that I knew Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey had. Just listen to “Headspin” and you’ve got your proof.

The grooves setup by Henry Flury and Jason Klein have you swaying and head banging at the same time. The vocals show growth in the band as they’re sung side by side with aggressive vocals making a mix that is surely a hit maker that’ll last for the ages.

As a gamer, and most rock and metal heads are, I’m drawn to “Controller”. It’s another perfect mix of sung vocals and aggressive vocals. Not to mention the electronic vibe within in it to make it feel like its game related.

Normally I never say to avoid a track on an album because I’m a believer that you should listen to albums from beginning to end but Lilith has a track I could definitely do without. “POMONA (Shit Happens)” I could definitely do without. It comes off as just a song that allows them to say “fuck” and “shit” repeatedly. I don’t get any real substance from this one.

All in all I’m glad my gut eventually lead me to Butcher Babies because I’m getting to witness their growth. Lilith is without a doubt the album that truly shows their identity as a band and if they continue on the musical path they’ve found with this album then there’s nothing to stop them in the future.

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