Chinese Democracy

Heard today while listening to 92.3 KROCK that Axl Rose recently broke his silence since the release of Chinese Democracy by having an online chat to answer some questions. And if you haven’t purchased the album yet I urge you to read my review of it in a previous blog and then get a copy of it.

As to the chat Axl took part in, two things mentioned by the DJ about the chat caught me by surprises. The first being that Axl did his best to avoid any talk of a GNR reunion. Axl should’ve known that people are going to harp on a reunion because so many bands have done so recently to great success. I would be the first in line for tickets for a GNR reunion tour but I also know that it’s a very unlikely idea right now.

The second thing mentioned was that Axl said that there was enough new material in the can from the sessions of Chinese Democracy to release 2 more albums of new material. If there are 2 more albums worth of material then when will we get it? Why not throw it together and make a huge comeback with 3 albums after a 14-year hiatus? I say go into the studio and polish them songs off and get those other albums out while it’s hot.

Axl knows to take it slow based on his history, but with the possibility to bang out more albums and get GNR back on the map again should be the next step.

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